Dreamlike nature around Khao Lak

Just a short drive and you reach the Khao Sok National Park or Khao Sok Dam. Both areas can be reached by bus or taxi in about 1-2 hours of driving and should be considered with a 2-3 day stay.

Khao Sok Dam

The giant freshwater surface which is caused by the construction of several dams is enchanted by a unique beauty.

Surrounded by an untouched, dense, tropical jungle and huge jagged rock formations, a special landformation has emerged that impresses you with a wide variety of plant and animal life. The limited number of annually approved visitors will ensure that this landscape remains as it is. Here you can discover that people not only destroy landscapes, but can also create beautiful areas with the help of nature.

With a long tail boat you can explore the huge lake and the adjacent jungle areas and discover Gibbons, Hornbills and other species. Definitely recommended, get a spot at one of the few guided tours. A dip in the crystal clear and cool water of the lake is not only refreshing but also lacks the presence of crocodiles and other dangers.

It’s not quite so calm in the woods. With little time and luck you can observe elephants, iguanas and monkeys or even leopards, tigers and black bears. You can even find a Rafflesia flower. If it blooms, one can hardly overlook them. With their 80 cm flower diameter and its brick-red color, it is one of the most striking flower in the world.

The huge park offers a lot of different possibilities, hiking through the jungle, a wild nature, canoeing on one of the streams and rivers, or explore the area with elephants.


With clean toilets around, delicious catering and delightfully cool jungle pools. Exploring the jungle and hiking here makes it even fun for light footed lazy people like me. The flora and fauna are very impressive and even with longer foot marches it is certainly never boring. There are also hiking trails for the more adventurous and “off-track” hikers.


Apart that a canoe trip can take several hours and gives you some butt-ache, it is an absolutely extraordinary experience through the wild. A pristine and very diverse nature to slide through. With stops at places with shallow water, you can enjoy a refreshing jump in the water and relax in a true natural paradise. And whenever you are ready, continue the journey as you please.