• Bay of Phang Nga

  • James Bond Island

Phang Nga Bay

Actually called the narrow rock in Phang Nga Bay Ko Ta Pu – Needle Rock. And even with this very appropriate name, it is spectacular because it rises like a daunting, greened amphora from the water. But what has made it really famous, was Bond. James Bond.

It was back in 1974 in Phang Nga Bay, with nearly 800 kilometers south from Thailand’s capital city Bangkok, it played an important role in “The Man with the Golden Gun”. When Roger Moore… sorry: James Bond, landed in front of the beautiful Needle Rock. The film was a great success, and also the rock benefited: James Bond Island became a major tourist attraction.

Phang Nga Bay is a national park with 100 bizarrely shaped islands.

Everyone wants the photographic evidence with him or her self or the loved one in front of the enchanting rocky background. Obviously it is well known by the Thais, who have built stands with all kinds of, more or less, pretty souvenirs. The tourists are mostly less interested that the James Bond Island was formed in the emerald waters in the past 100 million years, due to natures oceanic and weather forces. And when you view the spectacle of Phang Nga Bay, you will understand that the Need Rock is a pretty bizarre freak of nature.

By the way, with about 100 odd shaped islands scattered in the bay, the Phang Nga National Park was registered since 1981 and named a UNESCO World National Park.